A seller is able to receive operational information on purchases carried out, to process an order and the only he has to do – to follow up the process of goods delivery. A person, who has never faced with the problem of connecting Internet-shop to a banking account, perhaps will lose his heart not having waited for a long-term expected moment.
How to introduce a card payment? We offer to connect your project to the debit and credit cards payment VISA / Mastercard / EuroCard / Diners / American Express / JCB / Delta / Visa Debit / Visa Electron together with the development of Internet-shop. We shall help you in making choice of the service provider and shall provide that the connection process would be imperceptible for you.
What are the advantages of having such connection available? Practically instant entering of money on one’s account. It is easy to provide accounting of a customer’s balance, which lowers the costs of an employer for manpower.
As minus we shall mark a commission payable on operations which would make up 3.5 and more percent for each payment made by a client.
With a lot of transactions and payments available from geographically different markets it is possible to combine such connection with connection to the on-line payment system, such as yandex money, webmoney, paypal, moneybookers, etc. Sometimes such electronic services are named the instant payment systems.


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