Intranet Systems

Internal enterprise systems

One of the main directions of our activities is development of electronic systems for process optimization in the company. With their help our clients solve problems with controlling informational streams, such as register of product in stock, billing, controlling managers, supporting client databases, document circulation register etc.
Adding and editing information is performed through convenient and thoughtful forms which allows to support database in actual state effortlessly. Access to information is delimited by administrator based on the access level.
There is no necessity in setting up any additional programs for using intranet systems, all the information is accessible online by using any browser – Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. Given factor makes it easier to introduce new versions of software, only server component is changed, update on the side of working stations workers is not necessary.

We offer

Client and partner register

For simple and convenient work with clients, we offer to use a system, developed by us, for registering work with organizations. Given system consolidates information about Your companies work with Your clients.

Register of incoming and outgoing documents

To efficiently control document circulation in the company, it is necessary to do it centralized. System helps to keep control over documents of any type, their condition and placement.

Order register

Implementation of an informational system allows responding quickly to new orders, keeping record if all the operations with the order, keep control of actions conducted by workers of Your company.

Operations with accounts

Automated invoicing helps cardinally cut expenses. It is especially important, if it is necessary to consider a big amount of services.

Different access levels

System administrator can independently add, edit and delete user types, optionally limiting access to parts of information.

Integration with web-page

For extended work with clients there is available internal company system integration with any external systems, for example, the company’s main web-page.

Intuitively understandable program’s interface allows to quickly complete set objectives and also educate employees in the shortest terms. Systems are easily scalable, which allows to work simultaneously a big number of users.
Using such systems in modern, rapidly changing world is a necessity.
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