Online Catalogue

Online Catalogue

What is the difference between an online catalogue and online shopping?
Most often the difference consists from the lack of opportunity to make a purchase in an online catalogue (Absence of “My Cart” section). Everything else usually matches the options of an online shop in one way or the other.
In what cases is it necessary to create specifically an online catalogue, but not the full online shop? Most often it is desirable in a case where there is a lack of chance to make a direct sale of a service to the customer: for example, a wholesale merchant, signing a contract with distributors or in the presence of “floating prices” for some segment of a market.
In other cases, when an online catalogue might be needed is the absence of set prices for goods or services, offered by the company. For example, if a company offers highly specialized solutions in a market where every solution is made for specific requirements of the customer.

We offer

Automatic scaling of images

In our system an opportunity of processing images in all modern day graphic formats is realized.

Applying a watermark on photos

To protect photos from theft control system can automatically apply the logo of Your company on an image, which will be added by You to the catalogue.

Work with discounts

System allows to work with discount products, in which the System Administrator can independently choose the level of discounts, duration of discounts and the products on which the discounts are being applied.

Data export for data aggregators

It’s useful to combine an online catalogue with external data aggregators, such as,, and others. It allows to quickly tell about your products to a wide circle of potential clients. We connect such systems in the shortest terms and for a democratic price.

Import of data from external sources

In the presence of external databases, we can set up a totally automated operation of data integration from external informational systems. It could be a warehouse tracking system (for example 1C), any source of data in XML format or in simple Excel format.

Filters by criteria

For convenient search in the abundance of offered products we are projecting different search criteria which allows Your clients to quickly find the wanted products, it also simplifies the navigation through catalogue. different browsers.

Online catalogue saves staff’s energy and allows to sell products and services by not stepping away from workplace. You need to have a lot of highly paid managers, to tell about all the services and products, which are offered by the company. Instead of that, it’s enough to have a functional site and one manager to fill that site.


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