Redesigning websites

Any thing gets old and websites are no different. If Your site has got old either morally or technically we can conduct its redesign.
A web page’s redesign increases the return from the site and improves Your company’s appearance.
Main problems pointing at the necessity of a web page's redesign:
  • Outdated design that does not meet modern requirements.
  • Unnecessarily complicated and inaccessible structure of the menu for the user. Simplicity and accessibility is the key to understanding Your page by the client. 
  • Lack of websites optimization for search engines.
  • If necessary make the site more understandable for the general population.
  • The necessity to create web page made for disabled persons.
  • Appearance of new or deleting old services and goods, offered by the company.
  • The necessity to add interactivity to the website, for example, user’s cabinets, guestbooks, galleries, survey pages etc.

We are ready to offer You

B2B orientation

Most of the projects that we create are designed for the specific business process.

Simple and functional design

Design made by us is understandable and accessible to the absolute majority of the population.

Modern technologies

We are ready for discussing and realizing our customer’s most unusual wishes.


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