Search Engine Optimization – SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization is practically a series of measures made to improve web page positions in the search engine’s results. Users sometimes use phrase “website promotion” instead of SEO, which is also correct.
The higher web pages are located in the search engine’s results, the more chances that exactly this site will be chosen for user’s viewing and in the end to order services.
At this time SEO is one of the most demanded services after direct website developing. Optimization is usually ordered at the same time as creating or renovating websites.
We offer full set of allowed measures (white optimization), which leads to good enough results. We don’t use the gray or black optimization methods.
If necessary we provide copywriter services and text translation, specifically optimized for search engines.
Approximate work plan for SEO:
  • Conducting site content or structure analysis.
  • Conducting keyword analysis.
  • Studies of targeted markets.
  • Change of program code to reach the maximum of possible result.
  • Result analysis.


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